As Seen In The Real Superhumans for 2016 Paralympics on Channel 4 England!

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For companies and organizations seeking to grow and move to the next level and beyond, Alvin exemplifies leadership and accountability.

“I’ve seen well over a hundred speakers, and there isn’t another like Alvin. He isn’t a nice to have. He’s a must have.”

— Kevin Kerley.
Chairman, Academy of Chief Executives

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A mindset of ‘yes’

Imagine if everyone in your organization was inspired to see themselves, and each other, as leaders. What if they no longer saw obstacles, but only possibilities? What if now they operated consistently as teams from a mindset of ‘yes’, we can do this..

What could you accomplish? How far could you go?

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Failing company turns profitable once employees “Think Alvin”

When Leadership Methodologist Paul Bridle took over a failing company, he knew he had to make major changes – and have a hard conversation with his staff.

He brought Alvin in to facilitate that conversation, and “A seismic mindshift took place…”

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“Alvin is a genius. He is one of the most relatable speakers I have ever heard. When Alvin started to speak, he quickly became “one of us”. He made us laugh, he made us cry, he made us think. Most importantly Alvin helped us understand that we become what we pay attention to.  I love this guy.”

~ Terry Small, The Brain Guy


Change The Label

For companies and organizations seeking to grow and move to the next level, Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker Alvin Law exemplifies leadership and accountability. His story of how his father made him mow the lawn by himself at 12 years old, struggling to finish the task with a heavy and old mower, delivers a powerful message about leadership — about doing what needs to be done and making no excuses, and about not being defined by labels.

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