Alvin Law Promotional PhotoI have to explain that headline. The last blog I wrote was last year! I haven’t been ill. I haven’t quit speaking. I have gone through a bout of depression with the loss of our beloved Border/Belgian dog Raymond this Spring and that’s a huge part of where my heart has been and that’s significant. But I feel like I have been in this bizarre funk!

If you didn’t know, my blog has gone through a significant shift. I launched it as a vehicle to rant. It’s my website, right? I should be able to do what I want with it. Apparently, I got that part wrong. I don’t like being wrong. But then, who does? Social media is the goldmine for this point and it feels like that’s how this funk began.

To clarify, my idea for a “Rant Zone” with my blog was actually a strategy. My career has been defined by my own life and let’s make this simple…”I turned a negative into a positive!” I have been led to believe this is even “My Brand”! I concur in so many ways. I didn’t “overcome” having no arms by being angry and negative. So I clearly focused on the positive and that is my message. I also don’t live in a padded cell where the only thing in my world is me and whenever I lose it I can bang my head against a wall without hurting myself! So, in other words, I wanted the readers of my blog to understand we all get “negative” but the solution must be positive. The problem is, my blog is “written”, and there became my disconnect. In my professional speaking, it’s my “presence and positive energy” that accomplishes my goal. When I am writing, it seems something gets lost, and my wife and business partner, Darlene pointed that out. None of my previous clients had mentioned, anything but Darlene picked up on it by phone discussions with a couple of potential clients who had, with credit to them, actually read some of my blog posts. To be quite blunt, I always made a point at the beginning of every one of my “ranty” blogs of writing; “I Do Not Talk Like This On Stage!”, or words to that effect. But this one particular potential gig was from a government conference and with due respect, they can be a bit anal about content which I actually believe is the root of a great deal of office culture issues in the government bureaucracy, but I digress!

The ironic point is, trying to write about turning a “negative into a positive” just seemed to come off “negative”! So I promised to focus on what I focus on every time I take the stage…”Self Analysis, Self Change and Self Growth!” In fact, I have even done a bit of “Rebranding” on my website;

“Alvin Law’s Beyond Limits…Raising The Bar To Achieve The Impossible!”

Please let me know what you think because I’m constantly trying to “Practice What I Preach” and thus my issue of not posting a blog. I have been feeling a frustration with our society that I have never experienced in my entire life and considering I grew up without arms in the 60’s and 70’s, that’s saying a ton. I thought it started when Donald Trump was elected President but that was actually the exclamation point to eighteen months of crap being spewed from his mouth. See what I mean? How am I supposed to disguise my feelings? Worse yet, how am I supposed to disguise that on stage. And then it occurred to me.

What did our Mom’s tell us when we were growing up? “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!” Whatever happened to that brilliant idea? Let’s be honest, social media clearly never learned that line! It’s so equally ironic, isn’t it? Donald Trump gets elected by people who also seem to have given up on one of the most basic rules of humanity…civility and manners! And make no mistake, that is how he got elected. So, I have been in a funk because I simply grew weary of all the negativity, hostility and lack of respect both on social media and in mainstream media as well. It is an extremely difficult exercise to tune out all the noise to hear the sweet music that still exists so this blog is my own wake up call to change my own ways and hopefully, help you with yours.

“Better Atttiude…Better Life!” Interested? Stay tuned!