A seismic mindshift took place…

I’m not a huge fan of motivational speakers – I firmly believe that you can’t impose motivation on others, it has to come from inside them. Alvin owns his own motivation, and ignites it in others because he models the behaviour he speaks about. He lives it every day. He doesn’t tell people to change – they want to change after seeing him.

Paul Bridle
– CEO, Excellence Squared Ltd.
Read the full case study to see how Alvin helped Paul turn a failing company around and get his people on board for change.

Alvin is a genius. He is one of the most relatable speakers I have ever heard. When Alvin started to speak, he quickly became “one of us”. He made us laugh, he made us cry, he made us think. Most importantly Alvin helped us understand that we become what we pay attention to.  I love this guy.

Terry Small
– The Brain Guy

As a member of the Academy of Chief Executives, I’ve seen Alvin speak several times; as Chairman, I’ve also brought him in as a speaker.
I still feel like I want to hear more. We recently brought him in for a 3-hour session, and he could have easily filled 8 hours…

There are tons of subject matter experts – it’s not difficult to find 10 speakers on conflict management or marketing, for example – but there’s only one Alvin. How many speakers can make a room full of CEO’s quit whining and get on with it? He is a powerful storyteller and although his circumstances are unique, his story is universal.  He forces you to reflect on your own mental boundaries, and you end up thinking “well, what’s my excuse?” He takes away any excuse you’ve got!

Alvin doesn’t offer platitudes or canned motivational jargon – he speaks from his life, and you can’t deny the truth of what he says because there he is, living that truth in front of you. All of our members found him awe-inspiring and motivational… and they’re not an easy group to impress.

I’ve seen well over a hundred speakers, and I can’t imagine anyone from any walk of life who wouldn’t benefit from hearing Alvin’s story. Once you hear him, you’re changed for the better – his message sticks with you, and you’re a lot less likely to suffer under your own self-imposed limitations or obstacles. He’s a genuine, funny and relatable speaker. Alvin is not a nice-to-have. He’s a must-have.

Kevin Kerley
– Chairman of the Academy for Chief Executives

I saw Alvin speak at an Association conference, and he blew me away. Based on that, I hired him to come in and speak to my managers and staff on our training day. He also generously offered to speak at a school in our high-needs neighbourhood. So I’ve seen him speak 3 times, to 3 very different audiences: board members, employees, and primary school children.

Each time he spoke, it felt like the first time he was saying any of it. After 3 times, his presentation still felt fresh and real, never canned or rehearsed. He crafted his story and his message directly to the specific audience, and each time they were in awe. Age, income level, background – none of that mattered. Alvin hit home with each and every one of them.

Alvin is not your typical motivational speaker – he’s an experience, and one you remember long afterward. He bypasses all your usual resistance and speaks directly to your heart. He’s genuine, a human being telling a powerful, real story that you can’t help but recognize and relate to. He’s not promoting himself or promoting a book – he’s not promoting anything other than life. You’ll never get better value from a speaker, or a more genuine, impactful presentation.

Herb Pirk
– General Manager, Oakdale Golf & Country Club


“I want to thank you and all of the people responsible for putting the program together for bringing Alvin Law in to speak to us yesterday.  His provided the most powerful message that I have ever heard from a public speaker.  He is an incredibly gifted presenter with a meaningful message for every Canadian.  I was very pleased to be a part of the audience.  

As a speaker myself I was blown away by his effective use of humour, his timing, his confidence and his ability to target his audience with a message that had the appearances of being crafted exclusively for dealers and staff.

Mark Cullen
– CTV, Canada AM/680 News/Toronto Star/monthly newsletter and more


I wanted to thank you for the excellent presentation at the Husky Safety Summit.  Your story and open presence on the stage was inspirational in many ways. As a Safety hand for 30 years, it is very refreshing to see a presentation that was able to hit home with all in attendance.

Duane Goretzky
– Safety Advisor, Husky Energy


Alvin did an exceptional job opening the Fraser Valley Economic Summit.  He was entertaining, inspiring, and made his message relevant to the theme of the day.  The delegates loved him, and the organizing committee was thrilled with what he brought to the event.  I can’t imagine anyone who would have done a better job opening our event and setting the tone for the day!”

Justin P. Goodrich, Managing Partner,
Alliance Public & Government Relations


The Championship Team’s event, Imagining Your Future, was a tremendous success.  We received very positive feedback from the youth in attendance and there was a great deal of excitement around your speech.  When students were asked to identify their favourite part of the day, the overwhelming majority answered that your speech was the best part.  Thank you so much for sharing your experience and wisdom; the youth in attendance were moved, inspired and motivated by your words.

M. Donohue
– Ottawa Crown Ward Education Championship Team


“Fantastic!”  “Outstanding!”  “He’s the most inspiring speaker I’ve ever heard!”  These are just a  few of the comments that I have been hearing since you spoke, Alvin.  Thank you so very much for coming to our school.  Our kids really responded so well to your message.  I am certain these students will never forget your visit.

C. Grimstead
– Forest Lawn Senior High School


Thank you for being a keynote speaker at the 2009 AME Annual Conference in Covington, Kentucky.  It was very important to get the Conference started on a good note.  That is why we selected you to be the first keynote speaker.  We were not disappointed.  You certainly delivered a great start to the Conference.

J. Rizzo
– 2009 AME Annual Conference Chair


We knew that your LIFE LESSONS keynote message would be great, but it was more than great, it was FABULOUS!  From the minute you started speaking, the audience was captivated.  Your humor, honesty, transparency and well-founded principles were evident throughout your presentation entitled “The Power We Possess”.  
The audience responded to your enthusiastic, fast paced, humorous yet power packed presentation.  We could have heard a pin drop as you pulled back the curtain to let us peek inside your life, your struggles, your learning along with your phenomenal achievements.  But more importantly you encouraged the audience to tap into the same power available in their own lives.

C. Stanwick
– North Calgary Community Church


I felt inclined to let you know that your presentation made at the CAAR Convention this past Wednesday was the most inspirational I have ever heard.  Not only is your message of inspiration wonderful, but your delivery of the message is done so well.  Your positive spirit absolutely exudes off the stage.

D. Fitzegerald
– ISK Biosciences Corporation


I wanted to extend my sincere thanks to you for the incredible and powerful presentation that you gave at the 2010 CAAR Convention.  Having lived in Saskatchewan since the mid-seventies, I have had the opportunity to see you at many events and have personally witnessed the change of a gangly, awkward youth with, as you would state yourself, a very bad mullet, to a man who can speak with conviction and power about overcoming adversity and truly making a difference in the world we live in.

My career allows me to hear from many motivational speakers, all of whom deliver a message that one can certainly garner a message or some type of self improvement from, but is has been a long time since I have had the privilege to not only be entertained but to hear from someone who bears no malice towards anyone, blames no one for their own personal situation but delivers a simple message of how anyone can truly make a difference in this life.

J. Ihme.
– Bayer Crop Science


Thank you so much for being the keynote speaker at our HRPLD Seminar in London.  You did a terrific job not only sharing your story but engaging us in laughter, empathy, appreciation, understanding and giving everyone several thoughts/messages to take back to not only their workplace but their lives.
Well done!

B. Smith


I’m writing on behalf of Paul Grace and the IoD Committee to thank  you very much for  speaking to the Herts I0D at Sopwell House in November.  I have had feedback from a number of people who told me how thought-provoking they found your talk – how could they not!  It was a great mix of humor, enthusiasm and showmanship (I refer to the amazing drum solo of course), but at the same time, let us see something of the difficult journey, both physical and mental, you had to become the exceptional individual you are today.  I’m sure you’ve been told many times what an inspiration you are, but I’ll be boring and say it again because it’s true.

M. Ohlendorf
-Institute of Directors, Herfordshire


You cannot imagine the overwhelming responses we received from our presentation.  Such words as “…the best program I have EVER heard” – “…one of the top 3 presentations in my career” – “…thank you for allowing me to hear Alvin Law and change my perspectives” – and on and on.  Many positive comments followed throughout the three day conference concerning your presentation.
I am sure you have heard this all before but I needed to say it to you, thank you for what you do and how you do it.  We are very pleased with our work with you.  You are a quality program with great meaning and very professional attention.
M. Armstrong, Washington Association of School Administrators


Thanks so much for your inspirational talk to our school last Friday.  There have been many positive comments from students and staff.  To have students still talking about it days later says it all – that’s when you know you have made a lasting impression!
H. Henderson, Stamford Collegiate


On behalf of the Goodwill Industries of Alberta it is my absolute pleasure to extend our deepest appreciation for your contribution as the “Guest Speaker” at our inaugural “Dreams to reality” gala.  The sincerity, professionalism and profound messages you brought to the event touched our guests deeply and captured the integrity of “Dreams to reality”.  Our guests wasted no time letting me know how much they enjoyed your presentation and the many personal conversations you engaged in throughout the night.
Y. Rasmussen, Goodwill Industries of Alberta


I just wanted to send you a short note to tell you how wonderful you were as a keynote speaker at the conference which was held in Toronto.  I have to admit that I have been going to the Million Dollar Round Table for many years, and have not heard a speaker like you, who motivated an audience to the degree that you did that evening.  To be born with no arms, and to maintain the attitude that you’ve done over the years, is absolutely remarkable.  You have certainly turned your handicap into an asset for you, and this message should be heard by all people throughout the world.
G. Sigurdson, Manulife Conference


Your presentation at our final banquet was the perfect climax to our Conference and blended completely with our theme “Challenge, Change and Collaboration”.  Our delegates were very vocal in their positive comments after you spoke.  All of us will have a distinct mental picture to recall in future days that “anything is possible with the right attitude”.  As a Committee, we especially appreciated the fact that you entered into the evening totally, and made yourself available for personal contact with the delegates.
Thank you again for helping us to meet our goal of sending our delegates back to their work with information and attitudes that would be highly functional and practical in their on-going daily duties.
B. Brunsdon,
Family and Community Support Services Association of Alberta


As standard protocol our delegates are asked to complete an evaluation on all the speakers, hotel accommodations etc.  The rating systems is between scores of 1 – 5.  I have NEVER seen so many positive evaluation forms returned directed at one speaker (yourself)!  Most delegates scored you as 5+++++!  This is very flattering both for the speakers and also for our working committee who organized the convention.
Thank you again for the wonderful, motivational presentation and for helping to make this year’s convention a raving success.
C. Nikiforuk, The Capital Care Health Group


The leadership of TELUS has been working very hard during the past two years to instill a positive “can do” attitude throughout the organization.  In just one short hour you demonstrated, in both words and action, how this can be achieved.  Your talk was truly inspiring.
Although we all have a story to tell and mountains to climb, you have the undeniable gift to tell your story in a way that inspires each of us to appreciate those challenges and perhaps more importantly, the people we are climbing with.  Your incredible ability to colorfully share your life allows us to see that almost anything is achievable and to respect the difference individually we can make in each others’ lives.
G. Petty, TELUS

Over the past fifteen years we have tried to host events for our clients that not only add value, but also promote the process of thought.
The response we have had to your presentation was beyond any that we have received in the past.  Each of us present were touched and impressed by you and your remarkable perseverance.
H. Hicks, Hicks Financial Solution

Your sense of humor, honesty and commitment has generated many thought processes to be activated in a positive manner.   Looking beyond the obvious and finding the real person takes time, patience and desire.  You made us want to do that.  Moreover, you have reinforced for all of us that there is really NO Such Word As Can’t.
S. Jenkins, HRDC ISP

The best education we can give our students is to provide them with the ability and attitude to be life–long learners capable of facing challenges.
Your humour, determination, and versatility will impact hese students for the rest of their lives.  As a community of educators and learners, we have been enriched by your message.
P. Peter, Massey-Vanier High School

I want to express my gratitude to you both for Alvin’s wonderful presentations here last week.  His presentation to our health care staff and residents/families was so well received.  People related both on a personal and professional level.  His presentation touched people in a way few speaers or presenters usually do.  I have received many phone calls, e-mails and personal messages thanking me for arranging for Alvin to be with us.  I though that you might be interested in some of the comments.
“Alvin is the best speaker I have ever heard, I felt so positive about his message that I closed our business office for an hour and asked my staff to go to his second presentation.”  Manager, Business Office “Thank you for arranging for Alvin to be with us.  He challenged me professionally to rethink each of the patients/residents that I work with and to examine my therapy and motivations.”

Physiotherapist, Rehab Department
M. Kaye, St. Joseph’s Hospital and Home

“I am confident your presentations motivated those in attendance to make the best of whatever situation they find themselves in. I know listening to you motivates me to be a better husband, father, son and police officer!!”
B. Penner, Saskatoon Crime Stoppers

“You are Amazing! Not because you can read a book on the airplane, or brush your hair, or even play the keyboard the way you did. But rather because of the message you gave everyone in the room on May 1. And, I am sure everyone took away something a little different. Once conference delegate / presenter who came from Utah wrote on her evaluation: “The whole trip was worth just having Alvin speak.””
K. Jones-Galley, Bloorview MamMillan Children’s Centre

“I would have been quite happy to have each of the Keynote speakers provoke the feelings and thoughts one of the words from our theme, Motivate. Inspire.Lead., to our delegates. You however, encompassed all of them. I appreciate the preparation and time you invested in the presentation made specifically for the AMM. It truly contributed to the success of the Convention.”
D. Belbin, Association of Manitoba Municipalities

“Your program was rated by our delegates at an outstanding 4.97 out of 5, placing you as one of our top ranked speakers for the conference. We were delighted that our overall rating on this conference was a 4.8. The time and effort you put into your presentation and into getting to know our attendees had a direct impact on the success we achieved.”
P. Goodberry-Dyck, HealthCare Service Excellence Association

“Mr. Law, you are truly fascinating speaker to witness and experience. You inspire with your boundless energy and passion for life and all it has to offer, and you intrigue us with your tried and true philosophies on human beings in general. Your message is effective and is one the vast majority of us will carry with us throughout life, thanks to the superior job you do in delivering it.”
M. Appleton, Lord Beaverbrook Senior High School
“Your candid depiction of your life was both heartwarming and inspiring. It was also a timely reminder to our staff of the value of each person as well as the importance of taking the time to see the potential in every child.”
K. McGee, Brunswick County Schools

“Your address entitled “Everybody Counts… Especially You” was both insightful and inspiring to all of the conference attendees. You contributed to this success by helping provide participants with the means to meet their professional and personal challenges and making them aware of the importance of believing in themselves.”
C. Lachapelle, Canada School of Public Service

“Your participation as a speaker created value for the more than 350 delegates who attended and contributed significantly to the overall success of the Conference. Your preparation and work to present and share valuable information with colleagues from across the country was appreciated.”
J. Fralick, Canadian Society of Safety Engineering

“We have hosted many different speakers at our school assemblies and, without doubt, Alvin was able to motivate, inspire, entertain and challenge every single student in both assemblies. He was able to relate to students of all ages. His ability to have the same effect on the over one hundred teachers and parents, was also evident. Alvin not only moved his audience, but also left them with a message that was repeated numerous times in the evaluations that were submitted. The balance between laughter and hushed silence was incredible!”
B. Yakichuk, Dr. Martin LeBoldus High School

“I must say that your presentation was one of, if not the best I have heard. In our industry as in others, we all have many opportunities to sit and listen to various types of motivational speakers. Some are very good and you leave the room with something and some you feel you have just wasted your time. Today, I definitely left the room knowing that I had just received an education from you in attitude, in overcoming adversity and in celebrating one’s life. I found at various moments your presentation to be filled with such emotion that I was close to tears and yet at other moments I was chuckling with laughter at an incident you recalled.”
R. Elliott, McKeough Supply Inc.

“Your presentation was the highlight of our meetings. You touched everyone in the room with your passion and drive. It was a very timely presentation, as we are currently undergoing major changes. There is no such word as can’t, has become a symbol for our staff.”
J. Phillips, All Weather Windows
“Your energy, passion and zest for life is phenomenal! You did an outstanding job of energizing and facilitating students and played a key role in the success of this year’s conference! Your Keynote address was both intriguing and inspiring. It had just the right balance of humor and hardcore-life-leadership lessons! It is moments at events like this year’s conference that leaders such as yourself step forward and show others just what the true meaning of passion is.”
R.Mayuk, SADD Alberta
“We are so grateful that you would take time from your busy schedule to come share your insights on our impact as speakers as well as your fabulous expertise in speaking delivery. Your grace and ease are readily apparent to anyone watching. Many have said how touched they were by your speech. Some said they couldn’t even stay afterwards as they were so moved, they needed some quiet time for themselves.”
G. Burton, Canadian Association of Professional Speakers