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Alvin's Full Demo on YouTube

The Real Superhumans - Channel 4 England Profile

Alvin on YouTube

On The Road With Alvin: Feb 13, 2020

Today’s Edition: Discussing people’s lack of gratitude for the perk’s of travel

Alvin Law Full Demo Presentation

Alvin Law is a Hall Of Fame Motivational Speaker to Business and Youth. His Demo Reel of Speaking about Inspiration, Business, Life, Attitude shows how the amazing connection with his audiences. Alvin…

Murphy & Alvin Law Playing Frisbee

Murphy is a four month old rescue dog who came to live with us two days ago. Amazing how fast he has settled in considering experts thought he'd be too timid. Guess not. 👣

Alvin Law's Pink Shirt Day Promo

Alvin Law was born without arms and tells a story about going to the washroom in high school.

Alvin Law drumming to "Yes I Can "

This is an audition for Channel 4 London and film project "Blink".

Alvin Law for Midwest Speaker's Bureau Showcase.

This is a short clip to promote a pro speakers showcase with the Midwest Speaker's Bureau in Des Moines.

Happy New Year From Alvin Law

Armless speaker Alvin Law sends a reminder to stay positive in 2015

Friends …

CREDIT: MFNERC (Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre).

A little boy from Wasagamack named Matthew Harper attended the Manitoba Council for Exceptional Children Conference on February 22, 2013. Matthew was born without arms, as was the Keynote Speaker Alvin Law who is an award winning musician, best-selling author and member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers Hall of Fame.

The MFNERC & the MCEC arranged for Matthew and Alvin to meet and spend some time together during the conference.