Ready for some “Alvin Attitude”? This will be a short piece that was inspired by dinner last night. We ordered home delivered pizza. I know that’s not a revelation. Home delivered food from restaurants has likely saved many of them from closing their kitchens and “throwing in the towel”. Our pizza was prepared and delivered by a young entrepreneur and chef put out of work when their high-end restaurant shuttered it’s building rather than keep the kitchen open for home delivery. I didn’t know this person until yesterday, but it appears to me they are a perfect example of the better way to deal with this pandemic. But before I tell you what they created, let me add a vital part of this story.

My wife, Darlene, and I live in a beautiful subdivision in the Southeast near Fish Creek Park and a resourceful individual decided to set up a Facebook Page as a resource for local residents. It seems to me their intention was to create a positive and helpful place for “Neighbours” to share. Practical things like where to find a reliable repair person, dog walking service, etc.

It also got a little dramatic when over the winter, folks were posting photos of Bobcats and Coyotes in the neighbourhood to alert pet owners.

It has gotten much busier since the lockdown and of course, predictable human nature has seen the whiners and complainers surface. Look, I’ve been know to “rant” and “vent” and I am “not” pointing fingers…duh! In fact, this new reality has forced me to self-edit and become much more aware of my tone. Things are bad enough so adding to it is very unproductive.

Pizza Makes It Better

So on that note, because of this “page”, we see a new post. It’s a long one and it’s most definitely positive! It’s a “pizza menu”! I’m using generic terms to protect this clever person’s identity so no names, but this menu is offering ten gourmet pizzas in medium and large and here’s the best part…they are ordered online, paid for on Interac Pay and you bake them yourself.

Just after 5:00 PM yesterday, my new favourite person pulls up in an old beater car, rings the doorbell and when you answer, leaves the pre-made beauty on the doorstep. I answered and we kept our distance but I needed to ask them something. How were they doing?  Breaking out in a huge smile, they replied…“I got tested, no virus and self isolating at home”. This person had already explained on the menu about their restaurant closing so I asked what I really wanted to know. How was business? The smile got bigger. “Incredible! I am delivering 20 today alone”!

We ordered a medium, put in the oven for 23 minutes and it was really yummy! It cost $20.

Do the math. I realize not everyone has the luxury or talent to create such an enterprise but that’s not my point. This entrepreneur is getting awesome support from our community! I know the cliche about “Alone…Together” may be getting a bit old but we “all” must stay the course!  This is a very minor example of a major model that must extend to social media. It’s so easy to fall off the fence of “positivity” at this stage of the drama but we must all take into account how our response adds to the “collective”.

Patience Perspective

In fact, let’s consider this. If we call March 15, 2020, “Zero Day” for the global lockdown, that is just over two months or sixty days! On the whole, people have been pretty cooperative and respectful about this. But have you noticed patience is wearing thin? Sixty Days!

I believe I began “conscious consideration” of my circumstance at around three years old. I was taught by my parents, especially my Mom, the incredible skill of…”Patience”! The patience needed to learn to use my feet. The patience needed to put up with ignorant people. The patience needed to withstand weeks on end at rehab hospitals for artificial limb training. The patience needed to practice my instruments. The patience needed to just “live my life”. I pulled out the calculator for this: Almost 21,000 days of my existence practising conscious patience!

It is, I believe, a skill that more people need to work on, especially the younger set. Think about it. We are conditioned for speed! Faster everything! Immediate gratification. A sense of entitlement! These are all major topics in my new book I’m writing. And they are essential issues to address because as much as I hate this too, we will be in this mode for a while yet and without being preachy, let’s remember why this started…so we try not to get sick and die! Or maybe even more critical…so we don’t make someone else die!!!!

This pizza chef, by the way, is one of those so called “pesky millennials” and to me, they are the perfect example of  “Delivering Solutions Instead of Stress”. How about you?