Alvin Law Promotional PhotoThere’s a psychic/medium, Danielle Egnew who posted a blog recently about Donald Trump. If you want to find it, it’s from a site called “Call To Light Press” and I have never heard of it or her. The tag line for the article is “Why Donald Trump is the best thing to ever happen to America!” I am not writing this blog to comment on Trump…he already has enough free press! I’m writing it to comment on what she’s concluded. She is not endorsing him or taking a political position. She is claiming her psychic powers are allowing her to see an energy in America, an energy she claims is almost “out of gas”. I’m assuming she is American by the sound of her prose and that’s just fine. She is referring to several examples so again, check out the piece for more, but I want to focus on the one that caught my attention.

In one paragraph, she observes that Trump; “Summarizes the insular and offensive nature of the America  braggart, all in one human being. He represents impulsiveness, ignorance, selfishness, fear, misogyny, marginilization, ego, unkindness, pride, sadism, and crassness incarnate. He represents a consciousness that exists in the United States.”

Do you want to pick a word here? I’m thinking…scary! With all fairness and transparency, Egnew makes a brilliant connection. She states…”it represents a consciousness, not people themselves”. That sounds fishy, huh? But I get it. To me, she’s is talking about an undercurrent of attitude and not a specific personality type. The previous paragraph uses a lot of insulting words but the truth is, they are accurate. I have seen these attitudes my whole life. I’m also seeing things change. Ironically, this is also Egnews point. She isn’t supporting Trump, she is using him as the poster child. She is saying, and I am paraphrasing…”America, this is what too many of us are actually like and that observation will hopefully result in Postive change!” In other words, Donald Trump is like your embarrassing uncle who you tolerate because he’s part of the family, but you would never want to be him…ever!

I have learned about and written on the subject of “Consciousness” and blame my wife and business partner Darlene, for enlightening me. I say “blame” because I always thought I was a pretty good guy. I had overcome having no arms, right? I know about “Attitude”, “Challenges”, “Courage”, “Resiliency”, “Differences”, etc. What can I improve? Well, that’s the question I want to pass on to you. What can you improve?

Ironically, I can see a bizarre parallel between Donald Trump and Darlene Law. They both ask challenging questions about life. They both observe how flawed we can become. They both want things to be better. And then there is the categorical difference…Donald Trump is and angry, mean-spirited man and Darlene is a generous, contented and joyful woman. The only thing Darlene gets mad at, besides me, is stuff that she can’t make work. Trump seems mad at everything! And so do his followers which number in the millions. Do they want to change? Absolutely. They want everything to “change” back to 1957! Let’s be blunt! Some people, and not just Americans, hate change. They hate, “equality, diversity, sexual preference, gender identity, religious freedom, or absence of religion”. This could be a long list! Why? Why are people so afraid to move forward to a new level of awareness and consciousness? I’m pretty sure there’s lots of answers but here’s mine; Its Hard Work!

I remember when it started for me. We had moved to Calgary and into a neighbourhood way beyond my means most of my life. Our house is quite large but I’m not bragging. We got lucky when we bought it because the previous owners were divorced and the sale had to be complete by a court ordered date and we happened along on the last day, so got a great deal. We have professional athletes on our neighbourhood, lawyers, doctors, and lots very nice cars. On one of our first weekends here, a brand new Aston Martin sports car pulled alongside Darlene and I in our not so fancy Toyota. He had the windows open, music blaring, engine revving, Oakley’s oaklying! I found his presence annoying. Under my breath I actually said out loud, “I hope the bastard hits a tree and dies!” Darlene heard me and with nothing less than shock asked “What did you just say?” I told her she heard me and she was incredulous. She was in fact disgusted with me. I could only wonder why. I had a point, right? The dude was obviously arrogant, narcissistic, smug and gloating! So I said…”What?” She said I should be happy for him. She said if I owned that car (my dream car, by the way) I’d do the same. Cruise around, crank down the windows and up the stereo. I’d be smug too! So that second part may have been true, but the first part? I should be “happy” for him? That’s the stupidest thing I’d ever heard. So, I told Darlene that. And then we didn’t talk for a day and a half. When we did, I broke the silence with typical “tail between my legs posture” and while apologizing, I asked with sincere sincerity, what exactly did she mean when she said I should be happy for him. Darlene explained that it was called “Sympathetic Joy” and it had its roots in Budhism. Celebrating other people’s success is not only a good thing, but it can affect karma and eventually bring back success and joy to yourself. Honestly, I thought she was making this up. So I did some research and there it was…thousands of years old and people call it “New Age”.

Not only did we talk about it, a lot, but Darlene and I started exploring all kinds of new age ideas and beliefs and the more I embraced them, the better my life got. I used to be frequently angry (just ask my son) and even defend it. I have very infrequent anger now and realize I need to work on making it zero. I want to be better. A better husband, a better dad, a better man…a better Canadian! I have to admit I didn’t vote for Justin Trudeau and I’m not attempting a political comment or angle here. I am, however the first to admit, I’m glad he’s our new Prime Minister! I like his optimism, his enthusiasm, his joy of life. He rarely gets angry in public and he exhibits the kind of manners that unite, rather than divide. He is most definitely not a Donald Trump…thank for that!

As Danielle Egnew stated; The best thing that may happen to America is Donald Trump. Not for him to be President, but for Americans to see what such an ugly, angry soul looks like and to make a personal promise to stop being so angry and start the hard, long journey towards a Postive Consciousness and a better life! Worked for me!