imageHow’s Your Attitude? It’s a good question, really. There is a slight problem though. What is Attitude? I know, deeeeep question? But seriously. Attitude isn’t just how we approach life. There are some practices that can provide fuel for the fire that for some people may be burning a bit low. I was privileged to receive a flattering offer from The team at and though I hesitate to endorse any “Product Website” just because of precedent, this is a good one and they provided me with a checklist that I’d like to write about today. By the way, this list doesn’t just apply to people who go to a “workplace” or even have a job. They are for us all because “Attitude” isn’t just a cliche.

  1. “Positive Attitude Should Be A Habit!”   I have been saying this for over 20 years. As you may know, I have made a career out of speaking around the topic of “Attitude”. But I often say that the “Attitude” came before the speech. More to the point, we often associate the word “Habit” with bad ones we need to quit, rather than the good ones that are good for us and we should never stop using or doubt their power. Like any good practice, it takes “practice” and whatever you see as the definition of “Postive Attitude” should be where you start. It doesn’t have to be hyper energy, just choosing a Postive Reaction, instead of a negative one!
  2. “Place An Inspirational Saying Somewhere Visible!”   This one is almost creepy! Not the idea but the reference to it by someone else. In 1981, I started speaking for a living. It isn’t like now where I am self-employed as a speaker. I was working for a non-profit called the Saskatchewan Abiltiies Council as a Community Relations Coordinator and the bulk of my work was travelling the Province doing seminars on “Disabilty Awareness”. I thought it was pretty clever because the graphic logo said “The Abiltiies Awareness Program” and had the “Dis” in Disabilties crossed out. See what I mean when I say, in point #1, you “choose” positive instead of negative. It’s a reminder, just like this point. In one of my first trips, I went to Prince Albert and after speaking at several schools, I did an evening program open to the public. Afterwards, a lovely elderly woman approached me with a gift. She’d seen me on television where I was included in the cast of telethons and found me inspiring. Her gift was a home made craft of a greeting card glued to a piece of thin wood and laminated. The poem said;  “I’m Not Afraid Of Tomorrow, For I Have Seen Yesterday, And I Love Today”. She told me she gives lots of them away and always tells people to put it somewhere where it’s the first thing you see every morning. I was 20 years old. I thought it was stupid. But I didn’t want to disrespect the gift so I decided to mount it on the wall of my bathroom opposite the toilet so it’s right there and for me, the first thing I’d see every morning. Guess what? It works! I still have it and it’s on the wall in my bathroom in Calgary, its 35 years old and it still works!
  3. “Eliminate The Media From Your Morning!”  BAM! Another one that works. Yet again, creepy! I actually changed a major bad habit of mine that has made a huge difference. I am a bit of a news junky. For me, it’s about being aware of current events in a professional capacity. Especially if you are presenting in a place away from home. Pretty important to know what’s going on “where you are” in my opinion. So, I’d turn on the local news as I am getting ready for my day of speaking and I’d learn the current events but unfortunately, they aren’t usually “positive”. Worse, over the years, the news has become hyper inflated. Drama, Drama, Drama! Do I need to make a reference to Donald Trump? Drama, Drama, Drama! One day, after a profound observation by my wife and business partner, Darlene, about how moody I’d often be in the morning, we talked about it. I disagreed with Darlene’s theory about my watching the morning news suggesting my ages old argument…”I’m not a morning person!” But one day while on the road, I tried watching the Comedy Network instead of the news. Wow! It worked! Try it!
  4. “Stay Hydrated!”   So this one doesn’t really need a philosophical observation, and I am not a nutritionist, but it’s a “No Brainer”. I might add that cutting back on the amount of caffeine you intake is also a good idea. Oh, and Diet Soda is killing you! Not my opinion…look it up!
  5. “Take A Walk!”   DUH! I absolutely need to do this one more. I actually walk a ton when I’m travelling but it’s usually inside with bad air. But it’s not just about the air quality, it’s about the distraction. Our brains are being overwhelmed and ready? We are adding to it with our bloody devices! (Please read a previous blog of mine for a longer observation on this topic) The health benefits of exercise by walking speak for themselves but the “Mental De-Exercise” (I made that up) is the real benefit. Our minds need to be working at optimum to get our jobs done and it’s up to us to make sure that happens.
  6. “Keep Healthy Snacks Handy!”   Again, not a dietician but this one is obviously important for keeping our stomach quiet. By the way, living “healthy” doesn’t mean we can’t cheat every now and then. I still love a big, juicy hamburger once in a while but a very bad habit of mine that I’m working on is to not quit the burgers, but cutting back. Healthy Tummies, Healthy Brains, Healthy People…Healthy Workplace!
  7. “Take The Stairs!”   This last one is to me, less about “stairs” and more about being “concious” of our routines and choices. Needless to say, it’s pretty easy to get “lazy” (I excel at being lazy!) but to me it’s the cumulative effect. Processed foods, lack of exercise, device addiction, laziness and countless other bad habits contribute to the obvious. Let me remind you of one more “Obvious”…We only get one life, what we do with it is everything!

Let me summarize by reminding you that my blog is all about growth because none of us are perfect. We must accept personal accountability for our lives and I usually stress perceptions and perspectives as they key. Another is our physical health so make a promise to take care of yourself so you can take better care of those you work with and love. As a dietary strategy, please remember to stock your pantry and desk with healthy snacks . Not sure what those are? I highly recommend a visit to this valuable resource;

Take Care Of Yourself!????